Childminding, Chinese New Year and Paperwork

So, I've been sorting out my planning formats for Childminding in line with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). I have a long term plan with month by month ideas for themes and festivals throughout the year; a medium term plan for each month of the year which expands upon the themes taking account of each of the 6 areas of learning and outlining possible adult led activities; short term, weekly planning based on observations from the previous week linked to additions to continuous provision and focussed activities and a PLOD for each child (Possible Line of Direction/Development) which outlines the current interests and schemas of the children with possible development activities and changes to the continuous provision in line with the 6 areas of learning.

Our January activities are:
1. Playing with different coloured noodles and chopsticks, using jugs and containers to sort the noodles into their colours. The noodles could also be counted. (Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy)
2. Chinese restaurant role play- using our newly acquired (from China Town) resources. (Personal, Social and Emotional Development).
3. National Storytelling Week (28th Jan) - using our Story Beads to make up and tell our own stories. (Communication, Language and Literacy).
4. Making Chinese Dragons and fans and doing a dragon dance! (Creative and Physical Development).
5. Locating China on the map and cooking some Chinese food (Knowledge and Understanding of the World).
6. Birdwatching in the garden and park (RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 28th and 29th) and making bird feeders (Knowledge and Understanding of the World).

I picked this cute little Chinese dress up from a local car boot sale for a couple of quid.

New storage (IKEA of course) is great for displaying our lovely resources.

Pinterest has officially invaded my life! I saw one like this on there and got my dad to make it for me! I still need to paint the words 'Dress Up' on it.

We used the idea for making bird feeders from 'My Tiny Plot'.

Some lovely Chinese New Year resources to download here

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    Thank you,


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