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I've finally joined Twitter and I'm still a novice, finding my way slowly. Along the way I've found some fabulous inspiration for my business and just life in general. Anyway, here's my first ever 'hash tag' contribution- my highlights from 2012 and my hopes, dreams and resolutions for 2013.

Highlights from 2012

1. Making the life-changing decision to give up my beloved teaching career and start my own childcare and tutoring business www.victoriaschildcare.co.uk  I doubted myself and worried that I wouldn't be a success or enjoy it, but I am feeling really happy and content with the decisions I have made.

2. Achieving a grade of 'Outstanding' in every single area at my Ofsted inspection in May. 

3. Being a Mum in The Spotlight! 

4. Being there for my beautiful little daughters. Working from home means I get to be with them all of the time and take my eldest to pre-school, see her nativity play etc.

5. Learning new skills. When I was a teacher, I thought that was all I could ever be as I didn't know anything else. Starting my own little business has made me realise there's plenty more I can do. I've completed my first online tax self assessment (which is massive for me since I have no finance experience whatsoever!) I've learnt a great deal about practical ICT skills, putting together my website and my blog and making changes to them (I have even edited HTML code and set up a password protected page for all of my documentation. I am officially a geek!)

6. Making new friends. My whole life takes place in a 3 mile radius of the house so community links and a good network has been paramount to my continuing sanity. Cheadle Mums' Social has been a success too- bringing local mums together for chat and the odd wine at the pub.

7. Re-discovering old friends. Those lovely people who you've known forever and may not have seen so much, but it's always the same- you take up where you left off and there's no awkwardness or ulterior motives.

8. My fabulous husband who loves me and puts up with me and my over analysis. He has supported every single decision I have made this year.

9. Reading for pleasure. When I was at school, I felt like I never had time to read actual books for enjoyment; I was always reading something for my job. 

10. Knocking the wall down in our front room and re-designing the whole look of the downstairs of the house. It may seem small, but opening up the space has made me feel happier and it has had a positive effect on our own children and those I look after.

11. The I-pad. My wonderful husband bought me one for Christmas. I'm not teaching in school any longer, but so excited by the potential learning opportunities for all children and the many inspirational teachers blogging about it.

12. Twitter. I wish I'd done it sooner. I'm using Twitter in a professional capacity, I'm not here to find out or tell people what I had for tea- I'm here to learn!

Hopes for 2013

1. To sort my wardrobe out! I'm 36 and I feel like a frump. I'm the skinniest I've been since my early 20's, which isn't bad after having 2 kids and I really should be making more of myself!

2. More exploring. Even if it's on the cheap. Now that we're out of the new baby phase of our lives we need to get out and about and do a few more weekends away. Hopefully we'll get the tent out and go camping...

3. And perhaps hire a camper van for a weekend and make it to Deer Shed Festival.

4. Get back on the bike. My mountain bike is gathering dust in the garage and really needs an airing or two. Hoping to get a little tag along for the girls and do some family bike rides.

5. To blog more. I started this blog as a family journal and feel that I've neglected it over the last year whilst starting up my business.

6. To run a successful Childminder Support Group. My colleague and I are starting on the 7th Jan. Wish us luck and as little bureaucracy as possible!

7. To find out about joining the Network. I miss being a Performance Manager!

8. To cook and bake more, especially with the kids. I'm taking inspiration from my lovely friend at Kiddy Cook.

9. Keep on reading and challenge myself to read genres and books that are out of my comfort zone.

10. Continue to develop professionally. Even though I am no longer at school, keep up with latest pedagogy and feel professionally fulfilled.

11. Make the most of 'Me Time'- NOT cleaning the house, but actually doing something for myself!

12. For my girls to continue to develop and grow into curious, assertive, creative little people. I hope to be a good mummy and provide you with opportunities and time... lots of time.

13. To just be more content with things I cannot change. I have learnt a lot about people and myself this year. I am stronger than I thought I was. Some people are weaker than I thought they were. People rarely change.

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  1. Found you via the Tots 100 linky. Well done on your Ofsted. I started childminding when my 2 were little and I'm now a TA enjoying the benefits of school holidays!


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