Earth mother Aspirations (aka more Cous Cous than Chips!)

Last week I went to the Manchester Sling Library- Slinging In The Rain. They are a team of experienced babywearers, who founded Manchester's first community babywearing group in 2006. They offer a sling library each Wednesday at a family centre near to where I live. I've been thinking about buying one, but not sure which one is the best for me, so this is ideal- I can try a few different ones before I buy. It costs £5 to borrow a sling for 2 weeks and you leave a deposit cheque for £50 which is returned to you once you have given back the sling.

I just need to be more hands free! Bee is going through a little bit of a clingy phase and carrying her around all the time isn't easy as she's quite a heavy one year old. The says that wearing your baby in a sling is great for your baby because it means they cry less and is good for their mental and emotional development. Plus, I just think it looks amazing. I really envy those lovely Earth Mothers who carry their peaceful baby with ease whilst being able to do a multitude of other tasks! 

For the next two weeks I have a beautiful baby carrier called a Connecta to try out. It is like a Mei Tai, but with large clips rather than long ties. The advice is to get used to wearing on your front first before having a go on your back. Bee seems to really like it on the front (baby faces you) she even fell asleep in it yesterday and lots of people in the street keep asking me about it when I'm wearing it (it is so pretty!) It's fairly easy to use on the front. I find it comfy for up to a mile, but then Bee's legs start to hurt my hips a little (which are quite bony!)

All this babywearing has rubbed off on Mo Mo- very cute!

Anyway, this whole babywearing malarkey got me thinking about my Earth Mother aspirations which have never quite become a reality. To coin a phrase from TWH, being 'More cous cous than chips'. So, here's my profile of the Ulitmate Earth Mother!


Is a babywearer! She carries her little bubba with ease in a beautiful oversized scarf which she ties expertly around her body without breaking into a sweat or swearing!

Uses cloth nappies and never has a backlog of washing in various piles around the house. She certainly doesn't have a special basket for lonely socks waiting to be reunited with their partners.

Is totally enviromentally friendly- buys eco friendly wipes, recycled loo roll - does not leave a carbon footprint etc etc!

Takes her kids to a family festival. This is do-able, I think. Festival Kidz is a brilliant website which has inspired me to really look into booking something for this summer.


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