This Week We Are Reading....

The Heart and the Bottle

I've not done a reading post for a while. We have been reading, but life has just been so busy recently, I haven't managed to write about our current favourite. Anyway, this book is just lovely. It is so moving, it really got me choked up. Mo Mo is too young to understand the true meaning behind it, just as well really as it is quite sad. The little girl in the story loses her father and becomes so melancholy that she puts her heart in a jar for safekeeping.  She struggles to find meaning in her life until, one day, another young child shows her the way.

"Once there was a girl, much like any other, whose head was filled with all the curiosities of the world. With thoughts of the stars. With wonder at the sea. She took delight in finding new things..."


  1. I love Oliver Jeffers. We got "To Catch a Star" for J's birthday and he loves it. Also there's one about getting back home which is lovely too about a martian and boy who breakdown on the moon and help each other get off again.
    They're so relaxing and have such lovely pictures too.
    Good skills!

  2. Yes! The martian one- forget the name- we had it a couple of weeks ago! And we have Lost And Found on dvd- very cute and sad at the same time!


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