Too Many Toys = Not Enough Playing!

I have episodes of mad tidying every now and then. Take tonight, TWH came home from work to find that the large, chunky coffee table that occupies the centre of our living room had disappeared after 4 years of being in the same spot! I've not thrown it out (I couldn't- it was bought with my hard earned pennies as a newly qualified teacher from an art gallery in Brighton- in a former life!) I've just relocated it! We need more space and besides, Bee keeps whacking her head on it now that she can crawl.

Anyway, the playroom had been bugging me for several weeks and one day last week I came upon the realisation that it isn't so much a room where we play as a room where we just shove every play thing that we own. First to be culled was the soft toy collection! We have millions of the things- taking up valuable storage space! Next was putting everything into labelled boxes so that Mo Mo can access them whenever she wants without everything being piled into one toy box on top of one another.

Ikea boxes with wheels- easy to move around the room.

I also came to the conclusion that the more there is to play with, the less my little girl actually plays! I decided to see what effect having less toys out in the room would have. I put most things away and put out a few key activities/stimuli based on Mo Mo's current interests - she really is 'enveloping girl' when it comes to schemas.

All tidy! And now I have a lovely big wall space to fill too!

Writing basket- Mo Mo has started pre-school and they are doing 'Letter Of The Week' which she has really taken an interest in. The basket has pens and pencils and the little bag inside has cards with her name on and letter cards with the letters of her name to match them. The book is a magnetic letter book from M&S.

Two tea sets- they are so cute, I couldn't decide between them! They are usually in boxes, but actually getting them out has resulted in much more interest in them.

I combined the wooden blocks with a fab little wooden village set in our 'tuff spot'. Behind it, I left lots of space on the window sill for building creations.

A couple of jigsaws that we haven't played with for a while. The animal one makes noises.

A selection of napkins and cloths for practicing folding and wrapping up anything that takes our fancy!

Counting and colour matching penguins.


Counting/sorting sensory box. Great little catterpillars,  flowers, leaves and butterflies in different colours. I added some counting books and cards along with a couple of versions of The Hungry Catterpillar, some little bags and a pair of plastic tweezers.

I re-organised the playroom whilst Mo Mo was in bed and so it was all new and exciting for her the next morning. She went straight for the sensory box and started sorting!

After a week of our improved 'less is more'  play room, Mo Mo has been more focussed and played for longer. She has occasionally asked for other, specific toys and has added them to the toys already out when she has been playing. I am now going to add to and change some of the toys, puzzles and games each week and see how we get on. I am interested in finding out more about how to use Montessori methodology in our playroom. I can feel some more research coming on!

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