Baby Camping Essentials

We went camping in June for 5 days with Mo Mo who is two and Bee who was 5 months at the time (pre-puree, thank goodness!) We had about half an hour of sunshine the whole time we were there! However, we had lots of fun and the Little Peas enjoyed it. Here's my list of essentials for 'Baby Camping'.

1. A big tent- one that you can stand up in. You need plenty of room for all of your stuff.
2. A big car to carry all your kit. If you've got a normal sized car like us- a roof box is a must! 'The Worst Half' now has trailer envy- but that coud be a step too far, we might as well just get a caravan.
3. A porch- for your kitchen equipment and food. Also, if the weather is unkind, you have a place for your picnic table and it means that you're not letting the rain into the main part of the tent each time you open the flaps. I asked TWH to purchase a porch prior to the trip. He didn't. We ended up buying one whilst we were camping from the nearest tent suppliers!
4. A double air bed- who wants to sleep on the floor? I take pillows too and about 4 spare sleeping bags to throw over us or lie on or incase of any accidents with drinks or little Mo Mo wee wees.
5. A ready bed for toddlers.
6. A Little Life Arc 2 Travel Cot. I love this piece of equipment, I really can't find any faults with it. It folds up very small, is easy to put together and totally enclosed, so no creepy crawlies can get in. I take a dark blanket to throw over it when it's light and I'm trying to get the baby to sleep.
7. A big plastic tub to keep food supplies inside and then doubles up as a bath tub for grubby Little Peas!
8. A tub with a lid for keeping rogue squirrels from eating your munchies. Every night we had a visitor who managed to get into zipped bags to sniff out the jar of Nutella.
9. Lots of things to keep the little ones busy e.g colouring books and pencils, reading books, games.
10. And last of all, Boobychinos on tap! Thank goodness I didn't have to worry about sterilising bottles and mixing formula.

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