Tiny Garden, Big Ideas!

Our back garden is tiny (we moved here before kids) but I have big ideas for improving it in order to create an outdoor learning space for Mo Mo. It strikes me that her main interest isn't in running around in a huge space- we can do that in the local park. My little one is more interested in the 'tinkering' aspect of outdoor play- so, what is needed here is 'an approach to outdoor learning that considers experiences rather than equipment...'(EYFS guidance.)

In terms of the Early Years, effective practice outdoors involves providing opportunities for children in meaningful, engaging experiences that support their development in all areas of the curriculum. This will include opportunities for children to: be excited, energetic, adventurous, noisy, messy; talk, listen, interact, make friends; imagine, dream, invent, fantasise; create, invent, construct, deconstruct; investigate, explore, discover, experiment with their own ideas and theories; make sounds and music, express ideas and feelings; find patterns, make marks, explore different media and materials; investigate concepts and ideas; be active, run, climb, pedal, jump, throw; dig, grow, nurture, cultivate; hide, relax, find calm, reflect; have responsibility, be independent, collaborate with others. If I can achieve a handful of these, I'll be pleased.

So far, we have got rid of all the pebbles a la Brighton Beach and we have laid 2 tonnes of top soil and some turf and attempted to keep it alive over the last couple of weeks!

Then there's my wish list:
1. A Mud Kitchen- there are many sources of inspiration for this- Here, And Here And Here!
2. A painting easel
3. Garden weaving
4. Painting tub for water and brushes
5. Garden chalks
6. A digging pit
7. Home made wind chimes
8. Water wall
9. Sand Pit
10. Water tray

TWH hard at work laying turf
Watch this space!

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